3 Door Reach In Refrigerator

3 door reach in refrigerator

3 door reach in refrigerator - 6 half

6 half door Refrigerator, Reach-in, three-section, 72 cu. ft.

6 half door Refrigerator, Reach-in, three-section, 72 cu. ft.

The 78" Reach-In Half Solid Door Refrigerator - M3 Series (Turbo Air M3R72-6) will be a satisfying addition to your commercial kitchen. The cabinet is constructed from sturdy and stylish stainless steel. It features six half size swing doors that are ergonomically designed to ease user fatigue and has a self-closing feature. Nine internal shelves can hold a great quantity of your kitchen's essentials. The shelves are made from heavy-duty polyethylene-coated wires and are easily adjustable. The refrigerator holds at 33 degrees F to 38 degrees F for the best in food preservation. Features: Top mount compressor unit, High-density polyurethane insulation, Stainless steel cabinet construction, High-tech monitor, 4" swivel casters

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Signal (fragment 20)

Signal (fragment 20)

June 17th -- 3:31 PM PDT

Henry started to open the door, “I’m going to go up and talk to him. He’s stuck there in line.”

“Wait a moment,” said McKee, “The line is starting to move. I think he’ll just roll up his window anyway. Sit tight here, and we’ll follow him to see where he goes. I don’t think he knows that we’re back here.”

The cars were pulling rapidly onto the main road. The yellow Volvo reached the intersection, but instead of turning left and heading down to Mission Street, Meers turned right.

“What the hell is he doing?” Edgar exclaimed, “He’s going up Empire Grade into the mountains! I thought he said he had to rush catch a flight?”

“You know,” said McKee, rubbing his hands together as the Honda rolled forward in line, “I’ve got this funny intuition that we’ve got a story here.”

The Volvo disappeared around a bend as McKee pulled out onto Empire Grade.

“Where exactly does this road go?” asked McKee.

“It goes all the way up to Bonny Doon. Way up into the sticks,” Edgar said, beating his hand on the dashboard, “Floor it and try to catch up with him! He doesn’t know your car, he doesn’t know he’s being followed. We’ve got to get him back in sight, or we’ll lose him.”

McKee’s Honda groaned as he gunned the gas pedal. The road stretched steeply upward. The speedometer needle seemed stuck on twenty-two miles an hour.

“Can’t this heap go any faster?” urged Edgar, “We’re going to lose him!”

The road banked sharply to the left and plummeted into the Cave Gulch ravine. They were back in the redwoods. A pile of rusting washing machines and refrigerators lay in the rocky creek bed. The car skidded through another turn. McKee was barely able to keep the tires on the road. They were climbing steeply uphill again, into the fog layer. Edgar rolled down the window and leaned far out of the car. He reminded Henry of a Dalmatian on a fire truck.

“I saw him!” Edgar shouted, “We’re catching up.”

“That old Volvo is just as big a wreck as my Honda,” said McKee, “This isn’t exactly a big-budget chase.”

“But where the hell could he be going?” Edgar asked. The road reached the Upper Campus plateau and they broke dramatically into blue sky and sunshine. On the flats, Meers was slowly picking up speed, but the Honda was continuing to gain. They flashed through groves of redwoods and sun-dappled meadows. Above the marine layer, the air was very warm.

Reach, day 1

Reach, day 1

I am Spartan B-251, also known as Mike. My entire squad was killed. I survived. After walking for days, I found other humans. A Spartan group called Nasa Team. They lost one of their team-mates. I took his place. Hope we can get along.

Ok guys, two things:
-This is a 10-day series, about reach. It's based on the storyline of the game, so you might find very recognizeable parts in it.

-This is my first upload in a while, and that is because I didn't have my camera for a long time, and school took over. but I am back!

3 door reach in refrigerator

3 door reach in refrigerator

Turbo Air TSR-72SD Deluxe 72 cu ft 3 Solid Door Reach-In Commercial Refrigerator

Turbo Air Refrigeration prides itself on leading the industry in reliability, energy efficiency, durability and customer support. You can trust Turbo Air units to offer low maintenance cost, operating cost and competitive unit cost. Offereing a full line of reach-ins, undercounter, sandwich prep, pizza prep, underbar coolers, merchandisers, bakery and deli cases. 72 cu ft capacity (3 door) All stainless exterior, interior, top and back Rounded corners for an elegant look Standard door locks Self closing doors with stop function for stocking Bottom mount compressor for easy service and no more bending to the floor to reach food Recessed handles Interior light Self-contained oversized refrigeration system for stable temperatures with minimum run times Exterior mounted temperature monitor Adjustable stainless steel wire shelves (3 per door section) Casters standard 82''W x 30.5''D x 83''H (with casters) 115V, 7 foot cord included/ C & US UL listed, NSF Approved 2 year parts & labor warranty plus 3 additional years warranty for compressor parts

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32 Side By Side Refrigerator

32 side by side refrigerator

32 side by side refrigerator - NewAir AW-320ED

NewAir AW-320ED NewAir Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Dual Temperature Zones

NewAir AW-320ED NewAir Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Dual Temperature Zones

Enjoy your favorite vintages at just the right temperature with the NewAir AW-320ED wine cooler and refrigerator! This handsome wine chiller holds up to 32 standard wine bottles and is perfect for people who like to have wine on hand for parties and it also makes a great gift for any wine connoisseur. Its compact size makes it ideal for homes and offices while the sleek black cabinet complements any decor.
Complete with two side-by-side compartments and finely crafted glass doors, the NewAir AW-320ED thermoelectric wine cooler adds an air of sophistication to any environment. It utilizes thermoelectric technology which has very few moving parts. This allows the wine chiller to run vibration-free and silently. Moreover, thermoelectric cooling uses no ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCs or HCFCs.
An internal light ensures that you always grab the right bottle for any occasion while the digital temperature control panel with push button operation makes this wine cooler extremely simple to use. Best of all, the NewAir AW-320ED is a dual zone wine chiller: there are 2 independently controlled temperature zones so that you can store both red and white wines at the same time.

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Day 115 of 365 - The thing in my fridge

Day 115 of 365 - The thing in my fridge

I've made a shot of my dishwasher, coffeemachine, stove and now my fridge was the center of my attention. Some strange things might live there......

Press "L" for better view

Thank you for all views, comments and faves.

-Bare flash with green gel triggered by Cactus V4 in fridge.
-Slave flash behind camera on right side on 1/32 power, with reflective umbrella.



Side by side matag refrigerator with ice maker and safety kid lock
ALL 4 PIECES $1000
W:32 D: 29.5 H:66''

32 side by side refrigerator

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Beer Freezer Mugs : Freezer 1.3 : Lg Built In Refrigerators.

Beer Freezer Mugs

beer freezer mugs

beer freezer mugs - NCAA University

NCAA University of Florida 36-Ounce Crystal Freezer Monster Mug

NCAA University of Florida 36-Ounce Crystal Freezer Monster Mug

36-ounce crystal freezer mug takes refreezability to a whole new level. Holds a quart of your favorite beverage and keeps it colder longer. This high quality crystal freezer mug, keeps beverages colder than other freezer mugs! Eliminates the need for ice as the technology keeps drinks "crushed ice" cold for hours without the watered down affect of ice! Place in freezer one hour or more prior to use, when frozen crystals will turn a frosty white color. Filled with non toxic, refreezable crystals.

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365-7 (Jan 7)

365-7 (Jan 7)

Today's topic was NOT made for those in the South. The best I could come up with for y'all is my Stiller's frosted mug in the freezer. I know I won't be drinking my beers from it this playoff season, but I sure ain't a fair weathered fan. #ds53 It's winter time here in the northern hemisphere. Make a photo with snow, frost, or ice as the theme today.

My hostess gets a frosty mug

My hostess gets a frosty mug

Whenever Leslie Anne serves me beer, it is always in a frosty mug. She keeps her mugs in the freezer ready to party. Such an elegant and thoughtful hostess! There will be more photos in this series.

beer freezer mugs

beer freezer mugs

Frosty Freezer Mug Drinks Cold Beer New Gel Cup 3 Sets

Set of 3 Frosty Mugs, Keeps Drinks, Beers And Liquids Cold.
This high quality liquid freezer mug, keeps beverages colder than other freezer mugs without having to dilute them!
Mug combines state of the art refreeze ability.
Place in freezer upside when the liquid freezes you're ready to enjoy your favorite ice cold beverage.
Filled with non toxic, re freezable liquid.
Set of 3 frosty mugs.
Eliminates the need for ice as the technology keeps drinks cold, combines state of the art refreeze ability
Mugs keep cold for hours without the watered down affect of ice!
Filled with non toxic, re freezable liquid
Durable Plastic Body
Keeps drinks cold without diluting them.
Perfect for parties.
To use place mug in freezer until frozen.
Capacity: 15 oz.

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Built in look refrigerator : Ratings on refrigerators : Quality refrigerated services

Built In Look Refrigerator

built in look refrigerator

Creative Space

Creative Space

Getting there, anyway! The cabinets are new - built this weekend, and then I bought the drawers to add last night. Art supplies on the left; photography supplies on the right, right by the door where they need to be, to be grabbed suddenly when needed!

I am delighted with the "new order" coming in here with the clean cabinets. I love doors that can hide messy stuff like art supplies; makes for a cleaner mental palette for me. Now to continue getting rid of the junk, like all that cardboard that I need to bring to the recycling place!

Reflections and reality

Reflections and reality

This is a window bank in a block of buildings located an the "Tempelhofer Hafen" in Berlin.
Take a look at the zoom option. There are some interesting details to discover.

Eine Fensterfront am Tempelhofer Hafen.
Am besten in der vergro?erten Ansicht anschauen. Es gibt einige Details zu entdecken.

Reflejos en las ventanas de un edificio situado en el puerto Berlines "Tempelhofer Hafen".
Si amplias la imagen se pueden ver algunos detalles escondidos.

built in look refrigerator

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Cheap freezers. Samsung refrigerator deals.

Cheap Freezers

cheap freezers

Making bread crumbs

Making bread crumbs

We never make it through a whole loaf - not even half a loaf. When I get home from the store, I usually divide the loaf and put half in the freezer.

Even then, a few slices end up stale, and no one eats the heels. That's when they go into the big ziploc in the freezer.

All those bits (wheat, white, rolls, whatever) go in the food processor, along with herbs, salt, and garlic powder = seasoned bread crumbs.

I'm using some of this tonight in the meatloaf. The rest stays in the peanut butter jar in the freezer.

just in case you ever wondered

just in case you ever wondered

what my freezer looks like...

here you go!

Needless to say, Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine have become a way of life for me. I carry one for lunch to work every day and they help me keep my weight on track and they are so much cheaper than going out and buying food every day.

This is 23 days worth of food...so almost 5 weeks worth of lunch.

Thank god my roommates don't mind me taking over the freezer!

cheap freezers

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