Why Is My Freezer Not Freezing : Refrigerant Cycle

Why Is My Freezer Not Freezing

why is my freezer not freezing

why is my freezer not freezing - Compound W

Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System, 8 ct.

Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System, 8 ct.

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Frozen Beauty

Frozen Beauty

This beauty was frozen to the ice today when I went down to the water with my boyfriends niece.

It was sad to see her so helpless. After realizing her right wing was frozen to the ice, we proceeded to go to the store to use the phone to see if our Finest could come out and rescue her. With that phone call came disgust.

Ms. Wannamaker from the Quinte West OPP said that although the bird was majestic and all people really shouldn't be feeding her/him. That we had no choice but to let nature takes it course. If people didn't feed her/him the bird could take care of itself.

Well this pissed me off royally because every animal has a right to live or to try to.

So I said fine I will call Animal Control, well go figure they were not there to answer.

Just as I was about to call the Fire Department, a guy in the store asked why I was pissed. I explained that Quinte's finest had the balls to tell me to let the bird die. I have trained in the Veterinary Field and could not let this happen to her/him. Just the day prior (Jan-09-09) to this (Jan-10-09) she/he came right to me. Maybe she/he was asking me for help in her own way as she/he had the huge ice chip on her/his wing that day.

The temperature dropped to -20 degrees celcius last night. We believe this is why it got frozen to the ice.

Well Ken a guy I knew from years ago a fellow DJ, went to his house and got a couple tools to walk out on the ice and risk his life for this bird.

Ken made his way out to the Frozen Beauty and knelt before her/him to it know he meant no harm. With a few hisses and sudden movement moving it from its curled up nestled spot on the ice to what you see above. The bird faught to get away, of course I am hoping it didn't rip its wing off :( Well Ken was able to take a hammer and chip the block off of the ice so it could swim and try to melt what was left.

The block still weighed down its wing as it swam happily off into the water. Here is hoping it does not come back up and get stuck again because apparently the police in this area could give a crap about all living things.



My empty freezer. And why is my freezer empty? Because it stopped working - for the THIRD TIME IN A MONTH - while I was out, and all of my food went bad. To describe me as "angry" would be an understatement at this point.

why is my freezer not freezing

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